UK manufactured glassine bags

Todays fine products demands OMBU fine packaging.
Tomorrows world deserves OMBU environmentally responsible solutions.

Glassine Papers

Grease resistant Papers

Kraft Papers

Acid free Papers

We can produce the smallest to the largest bespoke paper bags. Manufactured in many various styles of fine and unusual papers. All bags can be tailored to your requirements, sizes and styles to compliment your products.

We print brands and logos giving the product added kudos as well as being a great advertising tool for your brand. Think of the advertising strength as your fabulous product is carried off down the street in front of dozens of admiring eyes.
Packaging should always reinforce the quality of the brand and importantly it should tell the story of the item that is within.

Make it stand out from the crowd.

The Glassine Paper that we use is made from renewable natural fibre resources, and is biodegradable and fully recyclable.

UK manufactured glassine bags

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